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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Background Check for Drivers

With the passing of ages, our time is also moving so fast. From 1 hour in a day, we are working for 12 hours a day. So, in this era people believe in getting their work done by others so that they can do the work of their own. A case which relates to this sentence is hiring a driver to drive your car. You may arrange meetings on call while travelling to your destination and to focus on one subject you might hire a driver. To drop or pick your children from school or to go for an outing with your family without any barriers of concentration, the driver will be preferred.
So, in short, the importance of driver is increasing with passing era. A driver picks and drops your children, he takes goods from one place to another for companies, your family believes driver for a safe drive, etc. Basically, he saves your time and makes your life easy. But question mark arises when you think of trusting him. How sure you are that he is going to take you to the decided destination? How sure you are that he will not run with your expensive car? To clear all such doubts one should have background verification check. It will help you to go confidently and comfortably with your driver.

What is Background verification check for Drivers?

With an increasing number of crimes day by day, you can’t trust anybody for your good. To stop this taking place, you should go for background verification process. It tells who they were, what they are, what they do, where do they live, how much honest they are and their addresses. You don’t need any consent of the person for verification check as this is completely legal and approved by the Indian government. To taste such facilities, Intelligence agencies offer you its services. It is very crucial to hire such agencies for your safety in this busy lifestyle.

Why you should go for Intelligence Services?

· Intelligence services save you from the consequences of letting in a bad hire without any background verification.
· They will bring you the information that your driver doesn’t tell you. They might give you fake addresses but intelligence services will help you to get original one.
· Their ID’s can be fake but don’t worry intelligence services will get the right one for you.
· Such services help you to know their previous records.
· The trust is very important with the workers; this might build a trust if everything goes well in the investigation.

As the level of need of Intelligence services are explained well. You might be thinking of choosing whom? Don’t think at all because NIDAAN Intelligence Services (I) Private Limited is here for you. You can contact NIDAAN Intelligence Services (I) Private Limited; which is India’s one of the premier background verification services company.

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Friday, 14 September 2018

Background Verification for servants and maids

In the busy world where both husband and wife work for the better lifestyle and good education of their children, maids and servants handle entire house and are counted as the members of their family. With their honesty and dedication they complete the house. But it might hurt when you come to know the hidden face of your maid and servants. It might give you shock when you get to know about the dishonesty of those people who were counted as your family members. Before hiring them to take care of home, children or family you might take hours of interview about their personal and professional life but you can't verify each and every aspect of their life, you can’t identify what they are hiding or lying to get that job.
In situation like this, you don’t need to get worried because many intelligence services do background verification check for maid and servants.

What is Background Verification check for Maids and Servants?
It is impossible to know everything about a person in a day and you should be more careful when it comes to get a maid or servants. It may also be that they have some criminal records or mentally unwell. In this case, Intelligence services helps to find each and every aspect of their past, present, social and personal life. They investigate from the root and stops at the tip of the plant. They investigate in a given time and find all the information related to his/her life.

Why is it necessary to have background check for Maid and Servants?
· It reveals the real face of Maids and Servants.
· They may have a dark hidden past which made them mentally unwell.
· You should have background check to know whether he/she is a drug addicted or not.
· It helps to find about their behavior or how they behave with children or old people.
· It helps to find about her loyalty with previous families or office.
· It helps to verify his/her character.
· It helps to find whether she/he is dealing with any disease that might affect the family.
· Working style will be verified.

What are the Consequences of not having background verification?
Consequences of negative things are always terrible. It might leave some marks on the life. Consequences of not having verification are as follows:
· The maid could beat your little child behind your back.
· She/he could disrespect your parents when you are not around.
· She/he could call anyone and ask her/him to come home when you are at office.
· She/he could put blame on you of sexual harassment and ask for money to close the case.
· They may plan to rob you because they know every corner and security system of your house.
As the points mentioned above are not meant to be ignored. It is very important to choose a hand that can hold you and show you the right path. So, count on us because we are always there for you. You can contact NIDAAN Intelligence Services (I) Private Limited which is India’s one of the premier background verification services company.

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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Background Check for Marriage

Marriage is a relationship between two people who live together and share their pain and happiness. This sacred relation is built with trust which is the base of strength. But what happens when this base was never meant to be strength? What happens when this trust was never meant to be there? What happens when this relationship started with a lie? When these situations come up with its ugly face, we wish that we would have known him/her a little more.
We can see every single angle of a plant but is it possible to see its root from outside? To see its root, you have to pull out the plant from the ground. Similarly, in this case you can investigate the external information which has been packed in a beautiful box but you can’t investigate the internal information which is locked in its roots. To investigate the reality of a person before marriage, there is an inspection process which is known as Background Check for Marriage.

What is Background Check for Marriage?
Background check for marriage refers to a service in which the complete detail of a person is represented in a short period of time. It includes the past affairs, crimes, drug addiction, job, family and all reality related to that individual’s life. These background checks are hard to do at our own, so such services are provided by some agencies which we call Intelligence Services. Hiring Intelligence services have become one of the most important parts of life because of the possible frauds in this era.

Why you should hire an Intelligence agency?
·  An agency saves a life from the destruction caused by fraud.
·  To understand the mentality level of that person or family.
·  To explore your expectations about marriage.
·  To know the financial problems that individual is dealing with.
·  To know about the way of living of the perspective person.
·  To know about the current affairs of your future husband/wife.
·  An agency helps to identify the true character of that person which matters the most in a relationship.
·  It helps to find whether that person is dealing with any disease like STD, AIDS or any other sexual disease.
·  It finds out whether that person is mentally unwell or not.
·  It ensures about the compatibility between two people.
·  Finances, past, present and future need to be reviewed.
·  It helps to reduce the risk of having divorce in future
·  Resolves many other doubts in mind.
What are the Challenges of not having Background check for Marriage?
·  Possibility of getting into some trap.
·  Possibility of exact opposite mentality of partners after marriage.
·  Possibility of divorce in future due to suffocating thoughts.
·  That individual could be a psycho which you didn’t know earlier.
·  Fake picture presented by the family in a trustworthy manner.
·  Possibility of having affairs or marriage already.
·  Torture for dowry.
·  It might cause a problem when you will find out that the person is drug addicted.

As the importance of hiring and disadvantages of not hiring an agency is cleared. It is very important to choose a trustworthy agency for you. So, count on us because we are always there for you. You can contact NIDAAN Intelligence Services (I) Private Limited which is India’s one of the premier background verification services company.

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Monday, 10 September 2018

Background Check for Employee

An employee is the base of any company. Without an employee, a company won’t be running for a long period of time. They contribute to the company's profitability. They give their best to take the company to the next level with their knowledge and hard-work. To show their qualification on the certificate and to get a job, an employee studies day and night and on their certificates basis, the manager selects the employees. Basically, the tool of employees is their education and on this principle element they get an entry in the organization team. But it might be surprising when employer comes to know that the education tool never existed. Yes! You have read it right. This case is known as Employee Fraud.

What is Employee Fraud?
Employee fraud refers to a case where an employee is caught with his wrong qualification details. To get a job, an employee creates an illegal false document where he mentions his wrong education background. This might create a problem for the company because it takes a fair time to teach an employee and set co-ordination. To avoid such situation a company should hire Intelligence agencies for Background Check Verification.

What is Background Check Verification for Employees?
An employee background check reviews an applicant’s criminal records, address history, qualification records, character records, driving records, fraud records and family records. It may also include a check of credentials and credit background check. Background check verification is an effective way to discover potential issues that may be caused by employees that could affect your business. Background check is completely legal process and this legal process is cooked by Intelligence Agencies.

What is the Importance of Hiring Intelligent Services?
·  Avoidance of loss of business due to employee lack of knowledge
·  Limitation of liabilities.
·  Protection of your customers.
·  To hire the most qualified people who will help to grow your business instead of destroying it.
·  To encourage honesty and discipline in the interview process.
·  To provide a safe workplace for employees.
·  Reputation of the company.
·  Fear of business loss over an incident caused by an employee due to unknown mental illness.

What are the consequences of not hiring Intelligence Services?
·  False credentials which are a major minus point for the company.
·  Fraud, hacking and cybercrime planned by the employee.
·  Moto of Bank Account and database hacking.
·  You may be giving a roof to work to a terrorist.
·  Unsafe environment to work.
·  Chances of stolen assets.
·  Less Productivity.
·  Wastage of money and time on the employee’s training.
·  Less professionalism by not conducting background verification test.
As the consequences of not hiring Intelligence Services is quite horrible. But you don’t need to worry because we are ready to hold your hand for your protection. You can contact NIDAAN Intelligence Services (I) Private Limited which is India’s one of the premier background verification services company.

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Website: www.nidaancorporateservices.in

Friday, 7 September 2018

Background Check for Insurance

When we hear word Insurance, the first thing we feel is probably secure, safe and protected. Insurance is a promise of protection from future financial losses in exchange for a periodic payment. It ensures the care of your family when you are not around. Insurance is an agreement between two entities. An entity which provides insurance is known as an insurer and second entity who purchase insurance is known as an insured or policyholder. There are many types of insurance like health insurance, car insurance, renter’s insurance, life insurance and disability insurance etc. and when we hear these words, we feel promised. But you might also have heard about insurance fraud. Insurance fraud refers to a situation when an insured or policyholder attempts dishonest act by mentioning false statements to obtain the benefit of insurance. The representation may or may not be existent because to create a mirage of accident, the policyholder creates a dramatic illusion sometimes. To investigate the reality, background check for insurance is becoming popular with each passing day.

What is background check for Insurance?

Background check for insurance refers to the process of looking into the reality by investigating the roots of records. The insurance companies can’t dig into such matters themselves because of the restricted departments. There are many ways that Insurance companies detect fraud. So, one of the smartest tool used by Insurance companies is hiring agencies or intelligence services. Hiring Intelligence services is drastically growing because of its demand in the market. It detects the deception attempted by the policyholder. An insurance company doesn’t pay claim without having relevant investigation and if they do then it might cause multiple issues for the company. In such case, the clever thing to do for the company is to hire a background check agency.

What is the importance of hiring Intelligence services?

Background check is not only vital for any particular person but also for a company as a whole. Following are the importance of hiring a background check agency:
·  Background check for Insurance agencies help to identify the true face of people who were involved in accidents, victimized by criminals or had personal loss.
·  Background check agencies reduce the risk of frauds.
·  Agencies help to protect the future of the insurance company by refraining from misspending.
·  Agencies protect the brand value of the company.
·  It saves the time, trouble and money of the company.
·  It prevents the company to learn from its mistakes by delivering sharp investigation.
·  Intelligence services protect the company from negligent payments.

What are the Losses of not hiring Intelligence agency?

Everything has pros & cons. Just like the importance of background check, the deprivation also stands in front of this. Following are the losses of not hiring intelligence agency:
·  Possibility of being liable increases with continuously rise in frauds.
·  Loss of reputation of company due to less security issues.
·  Cost of unanticipated claims.
·  Cost of legal defense even when clean handed.
·  Negative media coverage.
·  Hard to build trust with customers.
·  Unsafe business strategies and policies.
·  It may unstable the financial position of the company.

If you are looking for hiring Background check intelligence services for your Company then you are at the right place. You can contact NIDAAN Intelligence Services (I) Private Limited which is India’s one of the premier background verification services company.

Urgent Requirements of Front Office Executive (2 No.)

Urgent Requirements of Front Office Executive (2 No.) for Jamshedpur Branch in Jharkhand.

Requirements: -

Only Male Candidates can apply.
Qualification: Min. Intermediate in any stream.
Age band: 20 Yrs to 25 Yrs only
Responsible for Field Work along with Front Office Job.
Traveling capacity would be for Assigned Region.
Should be Medically Fit & Fine.
Should be Clean Character.
Salary: 10K-15K per Month.

Interested One may Submit their Brief Profile at: talent@nidaancorporateservices.in

Urgent Requirements of Team Leader - Fraud Investigation

NIDAAN Intelligence Services (I) Private Limited is Looking for the Team Leader - Fraud Investigation for the following States/Region: -

1.     Bihar
2.     Jharkhand
3.     West Bengal
4.     Odisha
5.     Assam
6.     Chhattisgarh
7.     UP (East)
8.     UP (West) & Uttarakhand
9.     Madhya Pradesh

Requirements: -
·         Qualification should be Graduate in any stream with 1-2 Yrs experience in Team Recruitment and Handling. 
·         Have to work at State Level with the help of Field Investigators. 
·         Have to recruit minimum 15-20 Field Investigators. 
·         Have to monitor & audit; each and every activity of Field Investigators. 
·         Have to Time Management; because Time Frame is most important factor in our industry.
·         Should be able to Travel at State Level. 
·         Physically Fit and Fine. 
·         Should be clean character. 
·         Age Band: 20 - 30 Years.

Benefits: Salary (20K-22K) + Fixed Conveyance + Incentives + Insurance....... 

Interested one submit their profile at: talent@nidaancorporateservices.in